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We made the very first video in 2013. We did not know anything about cinematography, film editing and promotion.

It all started with our family: my eldest daughter Maya and I made scientific experiments together.

It was really spectacular! Everything boiled, bubbled up and blew up. Anna decided to make a video of us doing all this and took a camera.

That is how we made our first Youtube video. And it was just the beginning.

We created mobile game apps. We filmed challenges with our husky dog Jaina and catchy guitar family songs. We greeted our most loyal followers and said hello to them in each our video.

We got our first 100 000 subscribers with "Guess a blogger" and "Guess a cartoon" projects.

We got our first 1 000 000 subscribers at our channel "Learn Colors Baby".

Now we create entertaining and educational songs for kids and translate them into 11 languages! It means 11 separate channels! This all is Maya and Mary.

Our mission is to create kind videos that help children to understand the importance of family, friendship, and support for each other. Maya and Mary's videos are suitable even for the smallest viewers because they develop good habits, intelligence and knowledge of the world. It is important for us to make videos both funny and good for kids.

What do we do now?
Maya is a big sister and little traveler. She enjoys handicraft and art as much as her mom does. Did you know? Maya also enjoys cooking. It is definitely not like her mom.

Mary is a middle sister and little inventor. If you give her a building kit, bricks and balloons, you will see something new a little bit later.
Did you know? Mary is a core fan of Maya and Mary; she always dances to our music.

Mia is a little sister and a curious baby. She is at an early age now and has not got a chance to show her talent yet.
Did you know? Mia became a video actress when she was only five days old!

About us
Alexander is a dad, engineer and musician. He plays the guitar and keeps up with the scientific discoveries and inventions.

Did you know? He plays badminton and collects his awards. He has already won 156 prizes!

Anna is a mom, designer and artist. She plays badminton and has her personal TikTok.

Did you know? She always snatches an opportunity to sleep during the day. She reminds you of a cat, doesn't she?

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